At first glance, those two may seem like oxymorons.  Embroidery is fancy stuff, decorative stuff…”pretties”.  Not frugal. 

In fact, however, I’ve found a basic knowledge of embroidery to be one of the most useful and frugal skills I’ve ever learned.  I use it all the time for mending my clothing–including jeans!  Maybe the hippies had it right all this time. 

 Embroidery has the benefit of being more attractive than patches or simple stitchery mending.  I don’t feel like a ragbag when I’m wearing embroidered clothing; instead, I feel like that noble wife of Proverbs 31; she maketh herself coverings of tapestry!  Well, perhaps she had to; they would have worn out, otherwise. 

 The key to mending your clothing with embroidery, especially jeans, is to catch the problems when they’re still tiny holes or tears.  If you can, catch them while they’re still nothing more than weak spots in the fabric. 

If the hole has progressed to the point that you can’t embroider it because there’s no fabric left to embroider onto, add a patch  on the inside of the hole and cover it with embroidery. 

There’s something a bit daring about working in embroidered jeans.  It’s fun.  🙂  It also makes you feel good–at least it does me!–to know that just because you’re being frugal and relying on “make do and mend” doesn’t mean that you have to be drab or ugly, or that pretty things can’t be a part of your life. 

That’s the magic of frugality and embroidery.